February: Week 3

Well Feb is just flying by eh? Here’s what I’ve been up to:

On Monday I spent most of my day on trains to be honest- I had a job interview for a company and there was a lot of travelling involved- so I basically read most of my book and dozed a lot (I live in zone 9 so I’m super far out!)Unfortunately I didn’t get offered the job- but it’s all in the name of experience right? Clearly wasn’t meant to be.

However I’ve had a tough week at my current job (there have been several tears) and the rejection on top of that was awful- so I spent Wednesday with Luke and his Mumma (plus the two fur babies) being cheered up with cups of tea and sausage and chips. Can’t really go wrong with that eh?Also saw this absolutely breathtaking sunset whilst wandering around the fields with Luke and I just had to snap a photo of it.The weekend was filled with friends and drinks and dancing to take my mind off the shitty week I’ve had.

Me and Luke went to the singalong version of the greatest showman (third time I’ve seen it now!) and I also planned a day with my besties to take my mind off everything.

I went to Kew with my best girls and that evening we headed to Clapham Grand for dancing… although it was nice to hang out with the girls and have some fun, I’ve realised that I’m really not that into clubbing anymore. I guess maybe I’m getting a bit too old for sweaty strangers surrounding me haha!

Kew has an absolutely gorgeous exhibit on at the moment as well- with hundreds of hanging flowers (perfect Instagram material) – so if you get the chance I would 100% check that out!For the rest of my Sunday night I’m planning a facemask, a bath and copious episodes of true blood!!Hope you all had wonderful weeks!




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