A contraceptive update

I wrote a post a few months back where I spoke about my experiences on the contraceptive pill and how fucking bullshit it is.

And now, here we are again… not a couple of months later and I’m bleeding the week before I’m supposed to, I’m having mega hormonal breakdowns (look at my adulting post if you need some context) and I’ve got a massive teenage spotty breakout (yay).

It’s shit. Really shit. Because I’ve been here before.

When I was with my ex I ended up having to come off the pill at one point because it stopped working for me at around the year and a half mark- and once again, despite changing my pills- I’m having the same side effects, the same miserable bleeding and just generally feeling the absolute woes of being a woman…

But I’m stuck.

I feel like I don’t have any options right now- because a little tablet that stops me from making babies is the only form of contraception that I’m comfortable with.

I never minded the hormones because they helped regulate my periods, they gave me good skin and I know that they’ve been so rigorously tested that there’s a lot of medical knowledge on them.

The problem is- what happens when they stop doing the job they’re supposed to do?

Frankly- I don’t really know where to turn.

The concept of the implant or the coil literally frightens the life out of me, as I know how badly my body has rejected piercings before and I’ve had a friend who had hers surgically removed after her body rejected the coil…

I’m freaked by the thought of a needle being responsible for it and I’m nowhere near stupid enough to think that me and my partner would use condoms properly. (What can I say- we’ve all been there)

It’s a crap situation because I just feel stuck. I’m stuck with these symptoms with nowhere to turn.

What would you do?



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