February: Week 2

Idk if I’m even on week 2 or not anymore because it seems like we somehow got to the middle of Feb and my blogpost names are all confused… ah well. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

I’ve still had leftovers of my winter illness so I spent the first few days of this week wrapped in a duvet and working from home (they sent me away- I don’t just call in sick all the time ha!) – which was nice because it meant I had the whole day to chill with my kittens and get some stuff done without any distractions!

Valentine’s Day also rolled round which (although I told him not to) I got spoilt with some gorgeous red roses and an excellent card:

I won’t lie and say that this week at work was great- as there’s a really stressful campaign that I’ve been put in charge of sorting out and I basically had fuck all clue what I was doing…

but this weekend has severely made up for all the stress. I had work drinks with a bunch of my other Account manager pals, and spent far too much on some ridiculous mojito… Luke and I then went to see Joseph and the amazing technicolour dream coat in the evening- which I have literally not got out of my head lately. (Joseph is one of the musicals I can practically sing from beginning to end)

And last night was my friend Dave’s birthday thing- which started in my all time fav Dim T with lunch and my girls… and ended up in a piano bar in Farringdon? What can I say…

Hope you all had wonderful weeks! Now I’m gonna crawl into my hungover pit and spend the day with trash tv!




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