The things you might not know about me: Part 2

I did one of these posts a lil while ago here on ‘The things you might not know about me’- but I thought it might be fun to do a little update and share some more stuff… because who doesn’t love being self-indulgent now and again eh? Enjoy learning some useless things about me that you didn’t really need too!


I sleep really well. Yep, I’m that dickhead who can literally fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. I have about one night a month where I’m really restless, but most of the time I’m lucky enough that I just sleep like a log. It drove my sister insane on our 10 hour flight home that she couldn’t sleep and I was out like a light!

My biggest regret this year is eating a snail. I mean yep lads, it’s only Feb- so plenty more times to make mistakes but EGHGHH. NEVER AGAIN. I was quite tipsy on a weekend away with all my pals and I just went for it. If you’re wondering- it literally tastes like when you get sand in your sandwiches at the beach. Nat good.

I once got an interview with MI5. Yeah really, I have no idea what they were thinking either. Shame though- coulda gone all James Bond.

I always order the same things from a takeaway. I’m so boring and predictable… it’s Hawaiian pizza (no mushrooms), chilli beef and rice or bombay potatoes and korma if you ever fancied hooking me up 😉

I really value my alone time. I used to hate being on my own when I was younger but I honestly need like an hour a day to myself sometimes. No phones- just chill!

I actually hate social media these days. I used to love social media but over the last year or so I’ve just got well angry at it all the time. I actually can’t even bare the amount of pointless stuff that I used to post. My blog and occasional insta is the only thing that I’m about now!

I really want to start pole fitness. I never had the confidence to do it at uni, but now I’m a little older and braver I’m looking into somewhere local that I can do it.

I’ve never broken a bone. I’ve sprained my ankle and bruised my coccyx while I was ice-skating, but so far i’ve been lucky. (who bets I’ve jinxed it now)

I was born with a birthmark that looked like a strawberry. It was on my hipbone and super cute… I’m almost tempted to get a little tattoo of where it’s now faded. I also have a pretty big tea-stain birthmark on my back.

My next tattoo is going to be lyrics on the inside of my arm. I currently have 3 songs in mind but it’s going to be a real toss up between them.

My first date was to see ‘Run Fat Boy Run’ and it was so traumatic that I can’t watch that film anymore. Simon Pegg how you stress me out.

I am ridiculously baby-broody at the moment. I blame hormones…

My first car is a little Citroen called Simon. (It’s pronounced like See-mon because he’s french ya see) And yes I am one of those people who names their car. If you don’t then you my friend are borrring.

I love acrylics but can’t ever have them. I swear to god they are an actual safety hazard. I’ve still got a scratch on my face from the last set I had.

I still haven’t read Lord of the rings. Honest to god I have tried so hard with these books- but I just can’t make it through them! Maybe one day…

I probably cry every single day tbh. I get really emotional about anything happy, sad, cute or just a little bit heartwarming. I can’t help that i’m a mess!




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