Song a day: Feb part 2

Paha total ninny that I am- I just realised that I’d been writing Jan on all my Feb blogposts- good work Rach well done! *Hastily goes back to edit the first update*

I’ll try and actually get it right this week! Enjoy:

Feb 8th- Joanne (Piano version): Lady Gaga

Oh god my heart. This version is so beautiful it actually brought a little tear to my eye! It also happened to be released on Spotify on the date I was supposed to be seeing Gaga live. Bittersweet and brilliant- give this one a listen if you ever doubt that Gaga has an absolute cracker of a voice.

Feb 9th- All the stars: Kendrick Lamar (with SZA)

Not to be totally hipster but I’m not usually a fan of this sorta thing- but maaaate this song! It’s so good and the rap actually speaks 100 billion truths tbh. I’m also hella excited for “Black Panther” to come out in the cinema- and this is on the soundtrack

Feb 10th- Bad Things: Jace Everett

Nah, YOU picked the theme tune to ‘True Blood’ as your song of the day… what can I say really- this song is a jam, I’ve been watching it loads with Luken and – hey I have my reasons for picking this 😉

Feb 11th- Look what you made me do: Taylor Swift

I have my bitchy moods sometimes and today I was really in one- so this song is petty AF and just what I wanted.

Feb 12th- Chasing Highs: ALMA

This song kinda makes me weirdly nostalgic and think about how much I’ve actually changed in the last year and a bit… I was such a drunken messy headed fool before I met Luke- that boy deserves a medal honestly.

Feb 13th- FRIENDS: Marshmello + Ann-Marie

This song was just released and SHIT does it remind me so much of someone. I feel mean actually picking a song that vents my vibes about this guy- but when someone is turning up at your door and leaving presents under your gate… ya need a tune like this.

Feb 14th- Make you feel my love: Adele

I know I picked this one a little early- but it’s the only time you can really pick an Adele song and be a super mushy mess with your other half eh? I feel lucky as hell to have met the dude who gives me all the goosebumps and he’s the only person I’ve ever related to this song. What a love sick fool eh?



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