Black peel mask: Review

I have always had problematic skin. When I was a teenager I never suffered with full-on acne, but instead- my face decided that it would like to play host to lots of tiny spots and imperfections.

Alongside being ridiculously pale and having red cheeks- this means that I’ve developed an absolute lifelong love for face-masks, skin treatments for spot-prone skin and foundations.

So today I thought I would try out the “Quick Fix Facials- Black Peel Mask” to see how it helped to sort out some of my hormonal spots that have come to say hey! (also who doesn’t bloody love a peel off one. So satisfying)

This mask was 5 quid from Sainsbury’s and contains activated charcoal, witch hazel and allantoin- to peel out impurities, tighten pores and smooth the texture of the skin.

I’m a right fan of charcoal and practically everything in my beauty routine is made up of it- I swear it works magic. So how was the actual mask?

Right lads- prepare yourself for some seriously sexy selfies of me with this bad boy on-

(Lol at me trying to seductively peel this off my face- I mean really Rach, reassess your life ha)

On first application I wasn’t overwhelmed I have to say- there’s no scent really to this (although I do have a blocked nose so that may not be helping) – but it applied fairly nicely and evenly to my skin, without being overly sticky and giving me total ick factor.

I timed it for the recommended 15 minutes- and then gave it another 5 as it didn’t seem to have completely dried.

It didn’t itch or burn, which is literally heaven for me as I have such sensitive skin and it’s always a risk with new products.

When it came to taking it off, the actual peel-off part worked pretty damn well, considering it came off in one whole mask, with just a tiny touch of residue left.

However- it was actually quite painful removing it. I dunno if I’ve got lots of tiny micro hairs on my face or something (yum) but I genuinely felt like I was ripping at my skin a bit as I took it off.

I’ve followed up with some simple oil balancing moisturiser but I have to say that my face is still stinging a little from the removing of it…

Although the product itself is nice- the pain factor and the lack of scent severely dropped it for me- 5.5/10

Have you tried this mask? Lemme know what you thought!



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