February: Week 1

The first week or so of Feb has by all accounts not been great for me! I’ve been suffering from a winter cold and there’s been a lot of things going on that I’m not really able to write about in much detail yet (I’ve got a blog coming about stepping out of your comfort zone so I’ll reveal slightly more then)

But it’s been the usual routine of my cosy little life in the countryside for the last week or so…

I’ve been really trying to get back into yoga lately- since I love it so much and my flexibility is pretty good already, but I’ve been finding “Adrienne’s 30 day challenge” has been the perfect way to ease back in… when I’m not fighting for space on my mat from woody of course:

He’s also taken to sleeping on my hand, which is just soooo helpful.

Also got to spend a lot of time with Luke and my family this week- with my sister popping home for, what was supposed to be seeing gaga, and instead turned into prosecco and all-you-can-eat Chinese. I mean, I don’t wanna seem like I don’t care that the gig was cancelled- but it was actually THE BEST to spend proper quality time catching up and feasting with my family!

I feel like I’ve done a lot of eating this week ha- as me and Luken also tried out “The Meating Rooms” in St.Albans and had a day wandering around the shopping Center and town there. It’s really one of my favourite little spots to visit when I want some retail therapy.

Exciting things have also been happening though. I spent most of my weekend with my besties choosing their bridesmaid dresses for the big day! (The other two couldn’t make it but I’m so excited for them to try them on)

I don’t want to ruin the surprise if anyone who’s invited to the wedding reads this- but we’ve gone for a kinda ice blue colour- and I got to try on my dress again eeeee (cue feeling like an absolute princess)

Last night was fully and Quazar (yes I’m nearly 24)- but honestly, this week has been one of the nicest despite the bloody cold that seems to have overtaken my body.

I’m battling some Sunday night blues right now as I’m so not ready for my weekend to end!




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