Song a day: Feb part 1

Okay I’m gonna straight up apologise for the shitty formatting of this post/ all my posts lately. My MacBook died and I’ve had to write everything via my phone (oh the first world problems never stop do they?!)

So, here’s what I’ve been loving in the last week:

February 1st: Paradise- George Ezra


My pal Emma told me that George was touring again later this year- so after picking up ourselves some tickets (yay!) I’ll be seeing him live for the first time. This song is an absolute damn bop, it puts me in the best mood and I’ve been playing it non-stop all day!

February 2nd: Get Out- CHVRCHES


I mean bloody hell it’s been 2 years since these guys released anything new and I am LOVING it. It’s not the most groundbreaking song on the planet but it’s a decent tune to have in the background as I’m working and a great way to ease into the weekend.

Feb 3rd- Bloody Mary: Lady Gaga

Woke up to the news that Gaga was cancelling the last 10 dates of her European tour- which sucks, so I needed one of my favourites of hers to cheer my shitty mood up! Get well soon you gorgeous woman!

Feb 4th- House on a hill: The Pretty Reckless

I literally adore this song- not only her voice but also the lyrics are so deep. I don’t really have a reason for picking it today- it was just a Pretty Reckless kind of day!

Feb 5th- Shame: Bastille

I wrote a blogpost all about being let down by JK Rowling and I read loads of shit about it on twitter- so a song about feeling that someone has changed was kinda perfect.

Fun fact- Bastille came to my uni before they hit the big leagues, but I bailed on going because I was watching the last season of game of thrones and it had just got good! Yes past Rach sucks.

Feb 6th- Rich Love: One Republic (Seeb)

This one is weirdly relevant right now. Money is always gonna be a ballache but having each other is far more important eh? Also I think this song is actually a massive tune- it just makes me wanna dance!

Feb 7th- She loves control: Camila Cabello

I mean is this one aaaalmossst as good as Havana?! Hips moving, Latino beats and also the song speaks for itself- I do love control ha.

You can keep updated on the playlist down below!


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