Don’t hide triggers in your content

If it wasn’t obvious from the title- I’m going to be writing about trigger warnings and mental health (ED and OCD specific)

Being online and active in the blogging world is sometimes an absolute minefield for my brain. With people constantly writing about body image, lifestyle, achievements and mental health- I often find that I’m treading on eggshells before I decide to click on a post or read something that could potentially spiral me.

The way I do this is to try to not read anything that has a bad trigger warning at the top or something that I know will impact me badly. My mental health is a super volatile little beast and over the last few years, I’ve really learnt the things that make my brain go “fuck off no” and the things that I need to be careful to avoid. I don’t read things where people talk about their compulsions, I don’t read things that could lead to body comparison and more than anything I really don’t like reading about ED specific behaviours.

But it is endlessly frustrating to me when people don’t recognise that their content requires a trigger, a warning or discussion of anything.

In fact- in infuriates me.

I’ve called myself and others out in the past for being slack with this and allowing people to make careful decisions about whether they want to engage in your content or not- but it’s time to stop ignoring the fact that people are lazy with it.

It should literally be a fundamental part of the content you’re writing to realise that your audience could feel vulnerable towards it. It’s unfair to mislead and then throw in discussions about triggering subjects halfway through your videos or blogposts.

I’m not going to name and shame anyone because it’s hugely counterproductive- but I’m beginning to recognise the creators who aren’t careful in what they post. I want the internet to be a safe space for me, and if that means removing myself as a viewer/reader- well then peace out amigo.



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