Starting a body positive journey

Trigger warning: body image, mental health

Jesus Christ I can’t believe that I’m posting that photo on here (although I guess it’s no different to a bikini shot) but today I want to talk about my relationship with my body- and that requires being brave enough to actually share it with you.

Yes- this angle is probably more flattering than if I sat down and gave my lil tummy rolls some love or showed you the bit that isn’t pictured- which are my big thighs that I’m super conscious of, but I’m still on a journey here. God I hope that one day I can be as brave as the people who share everything, their lumps and bumps and are proud in it- but I’m only halfway there now.

Because I’ve begun a journey of body positivity and trying to find that self-love that it has deserved for so long.

I’ve spent the last 23 years being nasty to it. I’ve made it exercise until my legs ached, I’ve starved it, I’ve punished it, I’ve made myself throw up food that I needed- but finally I’ve reached a turning point with my body. I want to start loving it- and sharing the love with you on the blog.

I have always had a “normal” body- even as a child. I’ve never been severely overweight, I’ve never been severely underweight. I’ve had an eating disorder which resulted in me losing and gaining the same stone of weight for 5 years+ and despite my weight remaining relatively similar- my body has changed a lot since that time.

I no longer have long slim legs and a little round tummy. I no longer have small boobs and prominent collarbones. These days- I have thicker thighs, bigger boobs and a massive smile to go along with them.

I have ribs that stick out funny, I’ve got muscles in my arms and I’m starting to be nicer to myself. I’m starting to throw positive affirmations about myself in the mirror every morning. I’m taking underwear photos and buying bras for my bigger boobs and it’s all for me. I want to go back to that time when my body was just the thing that was totally mine.

So I’m starting a body positivity journey- why don’t you come along for the ride?




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