Looking forward to February

Ok, I promised to not start this blog post with “can you believe how fast this year is going” (but srsly wut) – but as we enter the lighter days and spring is starting to peek out, I thought I’d write a few things that I’m looking forward to this February!

New opportunities

I can’t share exactly what’s going on at the moment but after the chaos of January is over I’m ready to focus on looking out for myself when it comes to working and making the changes that I need to be happier… nothing set in stone yet but I guess watch this space?


My little sister is coming down from Brum so that we can spend the night together getting ridiculously drunk and dancing to one of our favourite artists. I’ve got work that day so it’s going to be my classic, get ready in the toilet and down a bottle of wine on the train. Forever keeping it classy eh?

Valentine’s Day

Even when I was a single pringle I loved Valentine’s Day. Yep I know it’s consumerist and tacky and stuff- and blah blah blah “you should love each other every day”- but it’s also lovely to have a reason to spend a lil bit of extra money on your other half. And if you’re single then do as I did and either spend it with your girls getting drunk or use it as an excuse to eat a shit load of chocolate?

Lighter evenings

I really really hate winter because of the dark cold nights- it’s going to be so great to leave the office and get a tiny bit of sunshine on the drive home.

Bridesmaid shopping

The weekend after Gaga, my besties and I are doing something pretty exciting and getting their dresses sorted out for the big day! We’ve already decided on colours but I want to see the kinda styles that they might like. I’ve just got that scene from ‘Bridesmaids’ in my head at the moment though- so we will be avoiding Mexican food ha.

What are you looking forward to this Feb?




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