An ode to those who are bad with money


I will openly admit that I am dirt poor at the moment. It’s crawling to the last day of the month (and payday!) which means that I currently am the proud owner of £6.43. And if I’m being even more honest- that’s the leftovers of a tenner that my fiance lent me last night- so that I could actually eat some food with my pals at the cinema.

The thing is, I’m one of those people who has and probably always will be, bad with money. I’m the proud owner of a mountain of student debt, a loan I took out to put a deposit down on our rented- house and a credit card which has been beeped far too frequently for its own damn good lately. I have a savings account sure. It’s an account that I put money in when I get paid and then gradually steal back from myself as the month goes on and the expenses pile up.

And this my friends is where the comparison factor comes in. I look around at other twenty-somethings (who don’t still live with their parents) and I wonder how the fuck they are doing it. How the hell are you guys so together? How the hell are you funding three weeks in Australia or buying houses? How are you paying rent in Central London and still having a social life?

It’s times like this that the green-eyed monster and my inner bitch come out to play. I like to tell myself that these people are probably being helped out by mummy and daddy, but the truth is- it’s not really that at all.

The god-honest truth is that I am just terrible with money. I have very limited self-control when it comes to saying yes to weekends away, meals out with friends, concert tickets- and that all begins to add up when you factor in rent, car expenses, cat expenses, food, phones and so on and so on…

I have a real issue with not taking opportunities in order to prioritize savings and expenses- and I’ll often convince myself that this is the right thing to do with that lovely phrase ‘you can always earn more money’- but I really do think I need to start being a tiny bit more sensible.

I’m in a pension scheme, I have options and I earn a decent wage, so in reality it should be something I can get a grip of, but until then if you feel like you’re in the same boat as me, then fear not! We’re a united front of people who are terrible with money and open about it.

Here’s to the last week of the month and only eating beans on toast eh?



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