A song a day January: Part 3

Damn well, we’ve already made it to the end of January? If you wanna check out the latest updates then you can read them here and here!


Jan 24th- Where is the love?: The Black Eyed Peas

I’ve been working on doing the media coverage for Davos this week and I just thought this song was perfect. There’s so much wrong with the world still and “can you practice what you preach” comes to mind heftily here when I’m watching talks from billionaire CEOs…

Jan 25th- Me Too: Meghan Trainor

I genuinely felt so tired, ugly and gross AF today. (I’ve been working 12 hour days) and I also saw a photo where my bum looked huge and I really needed to fill myself up with some self-love. Meghan Trainor is a sassy lil thang and I needed that damn vibe this day.

Jan 26th- Castle on a hill: Ed Sheeran

LAST DAY OF DAVOS. This one is sorta a joke with myself (wow I am so cool) because I listened to Ed’s album to get me through last years long hours… then on Friday when it finished last year I had a total meltdown to this song and literally cried all the drive home. I feel like everyone can relate to some of it and I was as much of a mess when he opened his tour with this one!

Jan 27th- Colors: Halsey

I was watching Halsey’s speech she made at the women’s march and I just was reminded how amazing she is and how much I love her and her music. This is 10/10 my favourite song of hers.

Jan 28th- Call Me Out: Sarah Close

I just have a feeling that this artist is going to be massive one day- I love her voice and all her music is damn beautiful. Plus the lyrics to this song remind me of when I first met Luke because of it being October, the leather jacket and me trying to play it cool for all of a week before admitting to everyone I was a smitten kitten.

Jan 29th- From now on: The Greatest Showman

I had picked a David Bowie song for this day (cos he is bae) but then I actually ended up to listening to this song literally on repeat about 108 times today! THIS IS SUCH A TUNE. Also Luke is just as obsessed as I am, so it’s been the soundtrack to our house for the last few days.

Jan 30th- Most Girls: Hailee Steinfield

Love this song- empowering, reminds me of my besties and also has specific enough lyrics to actually be relatable to me.

Jan 31st- arms: Christina Perri

A beautiful song to end this month. I just needed snuggles this evening and since I’m still awake, it’s still on repeat on Spotify as Luke snoozes upstairs!

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