I’m mad about the Grammy results


So if you’ve been online at all today you might have noticed that there’s a shit storm a-brewin’ on social media. The reason? The actual shambles that is the Grammy awards and their results last night.

The thing that is making me (and everyone else) so angry is that Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ triumphed in the Best Pop Solo Performance category over Kesha and Lady Gaga.

And d’ya know what this just demonstrates to me? How prevalent white male privilege is even in the music industry. It demonstrates to me that a song basically about some horny dude is always going to be given more kudos and recognition than singers who have literally written about getting over their sexual abuse. Joanne is written about healing, it’s from the heart and it’s raw- Kesha went through so much and still produced an absolutely standout record… and I feel like it’s been ignored by the music industry.

Don’t get me wrong- I do LOVE Ed Sheeran. I’ve seen him live before twice and I genuinely think that he’s a very talented singer and songwriter- but it really is results like this that show how much of a problem we still have- when some middle-class white man wins over unbearably talented women and is given that amount of recognition in place of people who’ve really made a statement in 2017.

With the #MeToo movement taking off this year, the openness and bravery of women coming out against men in the film industry- it’s just awkward and shit when it kinda feels like women are once again relegated because people have made a poor decision.

Yeah I’m bitter, for sure. I love Gaga- but that isn’t the only reason that i’m hella mad. I’m mad because I feel like the Grammy’s are so out of step with the social environment, the importance of music in healing… but yeah whatever, play ‘Shape of You’ on repeat lads- that’s your mistake.



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