January: Week 4


Holy shit bananas it is the end of the month ALREADY!?

January has been a very strange one for me. I love starting the year with a clean-slate, a fresh start and a sense of optimism.. but actually, it’s been a tough month I won’t lie. I wouldn’t necessarily say that it’s been a bad month- but I’ve had two really big OCD flare-ups which I’ve had to combat, I haven’t been able to see much of my parents because of busy-ness which makes me sad and work has been full-on as ever with Davos week taking up most of the final few days of the month.

I’ve never felt so lucky to have this dude though! He’s literally been such a rock for me during the long-hours and the OCD meltdowns, with lots of love, cuddles and making me food literally every night. (You see why I said yes to the ring now eh?)


I’ve been trying to look after myself as much as possible alongside work- but I won’t lie, my body needs some exercise, healthy food and more sleep and my hair is a fucking rats nest. (Time to dye and chop me thinks)

I also decided to take the last 3 days of the month off work though- firstly to recover from tiredness and have ALL OF THE LIE-INS and snacks… but also I’ve got some fun evening plans. I managed to nab 3 tickets to Grace Victory’s LUSH event in London, so my work bestie and my real-world bestie and I will be heading to that on Wednesday night! I really need a session on self-care and self-love right now ha!


I’ve got a January Favorites post out- but this week has meant I’ve had to fall back on the bank of posts I always have ready! I’m gonna spend most of my weekend smashing out a few more and praying for some sunny weather so I can go rambling around outside and enjoy not being near a screen for the first time this week.

Hope you all enjoyed your weeks!




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