January Favourites

As January is coming to a close it’s time to take a look back at all the bits and pieces that I’ve loved this month! Enjoy!!



I read several books in January- most of which (bar one literally pile of trash) were all really decent! It was hard to pick, but I’ve gone for the two that have stood out most in my mind.

He said/ She said: The plot follows young couple Kit and Laura. Whilst at a festival to watch the solar eclipse in Cornwall, they witness a horrific attack on a young woman. What follows is the criminal trial and the conflictions of what they really saw and if they can trust the victim. Without giving away spoilers- I really loved this story. I read a lot of thrillers and psychological crime fiction, so it was refreshing to find one which had twists that actually shocked and surprised me. (It was one of those books that I literally skipped pages to see what happened, before going back to read them properly!)

Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine: I’m going to write a full review on this one at some point, but oh lord is this book wonderful! It’s something SO different to anything I’ve ever picked up, the characters are just glorious and it’s so unique. If you read one thing next month, please make it this! I hope you love Eleanor as much as I do!


The Greatest Showman: Oh my god this is probably my lifetime favourite. I cried through the whole film, I thought the whole thing was 100% perfection and I was also lolling at the fact her douchebag parents were called Hallett- yay I’m so glad you give us Hallett’s such a good name! (NAT)

Three Billboards: I wrote a full review of this film here– but let’s just say that everyone I’ve recommended it to has also loved it equally. It also got nominated for A SHIT TON of awards, so meh mah meh I was right! *flicks hair*

Unabomber: We finally finished the Netflix series ‘Manhunt: Unabomber’. After a couple of dry episodes, I thought that this show REALLY picked up towards the end. We started to see the person behind the terrorist, we got proper character development and although the ending was pretty clear from the start- it was still intriguing enough to keep us watching.

Logan Lucky: I love a bit of Channing Tatum. I also love a bit of Adam Driver- and the combo of them in this film was absolutely spot on. The story follows two brothers who attempt to pull off a heist at a racetrack. The story was clever, the characters endearing, the humor abundant and I really thought this was a diamond of a movie.

Fargo: I saw the film of this a while back, but we’ve just started the TV version. I am really loving the acting, the plot and generally just all the Canadian accents. This is making my dream of living in Canada even more abundant.

Stronger: I believe this came out last year but we’ve only just got around to watching it. The story follows that of Jeff- a victim of the Boston Marathon bombings, who lost both his legs in the blast. It’s a beautiful, hopeful and moving film. Luke and I were proper messes when the credits began to roll. Plus Jake Gylenhall is AS ALWAYS absolute perfection.


The Greatest Showman Soundtrack: Yeah yeah ok I know I already put this one on but I have been OBSESSED with this even before I saw the film. Ya know how in a musical there’s normally that one dud song? Well- I skip none of these ones ever… Although personal favs are ‘Rewrite the Stars’ and ‘This is Me’.

Mania, Fall out Boy: I LOVE Fob and have done for years. Their new album was released in January and it’s been an absolute bop along for me lately. Give it a listen!

Lily Allen- I dunno why but I’ve really got back into Lily Allen this month which is completely bizarre considering she’s basically gone off radar. I think I’ve felt seriously pissed off and sassy a lot and she’s got the tunes that embody it perfectly!


Sunbeamsjess: I’ve watched Jess’s videos for absolutely years and always been a tad in love with her and her incredible wardrobe. But she recently made a video where she showed off her new blog! Check it out here if you’re into fashion, student life and the like: https://www.sunbeamsjess.com

Vix Meldrew: My bestie at work is also best friends with Vix and told her how obsessed I am with her blog (someone let the earth swallow me whole) – but I can’t deny, this woman has a cracking blog. I’ve been loving some of her recent posts and the fact that she’s just moved in with her new boyf makes me so happy! http://www.vixmeldrew.com/

Grace Fit UK: Christ is it hard to get motivated sometimes, but Grace’s youtube channel and her guide literally give me the kick up the bum that I need sometimes. She’s funny, gorgeous and also makes great non-fitness content! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqCjSaNTDQQ&t=166s


Too faced Contour Kit: Hello being about 108 years late on the bandwagon, but holy sheeeet this kit is good. It’s so hard for someone as pale as me to find a good contour without just looking dirty- but this one has nailed it… plus it smells like chocolate. WIN.

L’Oreal Miracle Cleansing Oil: I know that this brand is cruel and I won’t be replacing it- but if you’re not on that bandwagon then this oil is literally the best thing at removing makeup. It’s got a gorgeous smell, it’s light, it doesn’t make you feel like you’re about to break into teenage acne and it’s cheap. If you’re a thick eyeliner lover like myself, then give this one a try.

What have you been loving?



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