The F word


Let’s talk about being called “fat” for a second.

I feel like most people in the world have been called it in their life, regardless of how slim or curvy you actually might be. Whether its from a stranger in the street, someone you dislike or even someone you know and love- it’s one of those words that people will use or throw at you, to hurt your feelings and to make a point.

They know what they’re doing when they use the f word- and even if there’s no truth to it, it’s the kind of word that will pack at punch, shatter confidence and make you feel like absolute shit.

I’ve been called fat once in my life to my face- and it was by a family member when I was 14 years old. (I wasn’t fat, I had some “puppy fat” which melted away when I got taller)

I have also called someone fat once. I’m not proud of it but I was hurting and angry and I was very young and stupid. (This was not to their face thank god)

But the amount of times that I’ve called myself fat- is uncountable.

We’re all guilty of being that person and it’s something that has become such an easy thing to throw at people or yourself- to tear down your self-confidence or to cause hurt- but why? Why has fat become such a taboo word? Why are we using it as a word to tear ourselves apart over and why has it become one of the worst things that someone could possibly say to you…?

I think part of the problem is that being called fat is literally just not even about your body shape anymore. Society has given us other connotations and flaws that we associate with that word. If you’re fat = you’re lazy, you have no self-control, you’re ugly, you’re unlovable… the list goes on and on and on.

But it’s not true and it shouldn’t be the insult that we make it out to be.

Fat is normal. Fat is not the worst thing that someone can say to you. I would much rather be fat than nasty, bitchy, hurtful, cruel, intentionally mean, selfish or an abundance of other things.

If people feel the need to comment on your body- then ask yourself why? If they’re trying to hurt your feelings, then make a point of realising that they’ve had to stoop to that level to hurt you. If they’re unaware of it being taken as an insult, then try to believe that it is no reflection on you as a human being, whether your thighs wobble when you walk.

I do acknowledge that as much as you can shove self-love and positive thoughts down people’s throats- at the end of the day, people still don’t like being called fat.

What we need to do instead of stopping the word, is to remove the fear of it.

It’s JUST a word at the end of the day.

Reclaim it and stop being so scared of it. Don’t let anyone who ever called you fat bring you down. Embrace it, love it, love yourself and in my case- enjoy that little bit of wobble that you’ve got in your jeans.




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