On revenge bodies.


I was watching this video by Carrie earlier as a break in-between all the live streaming hell (Davos is going great thanks for asking) and the topic of revenge bodies arose in regard to a video that she had watched. I’d never heard the term myself but after a quick google, the message was all too familiar.

Apparently it was popularized by Khloe Kardashian’s TV show (eye-roll) and is the concept of when you break up with someone/ have someone be a douchebag to you, working your ass off, dieting and losing weight in order to look the best you can just to piss him/her off.

In other words- a revenge body is a way of changing your appearance to get back at someone. Be it an ex, a jilted friend or someone who was just an outright asshole to you.

It’s something that I’ve subscribed to in a previous life- because hell, what is better than making someone beg for you back, jealous of you or coming out on top in response to them fucking you over? Nothing.

I literally don’t think I would be a normal heartbroken woman if I hadn’t had that thought somewhere along the road in my life- but now that I’m older, wiser and also don’t subscribe to this kinda bullshit- it’s time to call this whole phrase and ambition out.

The issue that I have with the term ‘revenge body’- is the fact that Khloe Kardashian has branded this as a way to ’empower women’ in her TV show. She has been quoted as saying ”looking great is always the best revenge” and I mean fucking hell woman, this is such flawed logic.

Firstly- I don’t hold the Kardashians in particularly high regard (I won’t go slagging them off here, but let’s just say I am NOT a fan) so I was already a bit wound up by this whole concept.

Secondly, I firmly believe that you should be able to do whatever you’d like to improve your health and fitness. You can transform yourself if that’s what YOU want and what will make YOU happy. But how flawed is it to transform yourself for the purpose of some douchebag who you’re better off without? What painfully shit logic to change how you feel about yourself and your own self-image, all in the name of someone else.

Finally, I genuinely think that a ‘revenge body’ supports misogyny. It perpetrates a message that women need to be fit, sexy, thin and pretty in order to get a man or get over a man. It’s the kind of phrase that hides behind ’empowerment’ but in actually idealizes and makes people never feel good enough.

A revenge body should not be the standard response to being heartbroken- and lord help all the young women who are growing up with the Kardashians as role models. I despair so much if this is the kind of message they put out there.

How about the next time you break up with someone- you have a good cry, you eat some ice-cream and then you take up something that will fulfil YOU, rather than focusing your energy on hatred and anger to someone else?

What do you think?



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