A song a day January: Part 2

Yup still managing to keep up with the song a day in Jan! So here is the second lil installment of it for y’all- enjoy!

Jan 16th- La La: The Cab

If you didn’t listen to these guys as a teenager then I feel sorry for you! This song is literally such a banger. Also I couldn’t stop singing la la la la laaave Luke all day 😂

Jan 17th- Famous Last Words: MCR

Was only a matter of time before MCR started creeping into this playlist. I just fucking love all of their music and it would be an easy band for me to add all of their songs every single day. I’m so considering getting a tattoo related to them but I’ve promised no more until after the wedding now (cry)

Jan 18th- Gypsy: Lady Gaga

I had a fucking shit day at work. I needed this song to pep me up and get me excited for seeing her live eeeeee!

Jan 19th- Learn To Let Go: Kesha

I mean damn I love this as a song, but also it’s actually a really valuable one for me as a life lesson. I’m known to overthink every decision I’ve ever made and let it fill me up with anger/ be weird about stuff I shouldn’t give a fuck about. Tbh it’s time to just move on and legit think I need ‘the past can’t hurt me if I don’t let it’ tattooed on my forehead.

Jan 20th- Only Love: Ben Howard

I was at a spa with some of my best friends this day and I really needed a super mellow song as I spent most of the day chilling, getting treatments and generally being mellow as hell.

Jan 21st- Call Me Maybe: Carly Ray Jepson

I was still with my pals this day and this song literally sums up my entire final year at school with all of them. It’s like a group anthem so it had to be popped on the playlist.

Jan 22nd- Take me home, country roads: John Denver

I watched Logan Lucky last night with luke and now I’ve got this song absolutely rammed into my head! It’s such a classic! If you say you don’t like this, then you my friend are a damn liar!

Jan 23rd- Don’t blame me: Taylor Swift

Oh matey- this song is one of my favourites on this album. (Its defo gonna be the album that gets me through Davos)

Also the lyrics “don’t blame me, love made me crazy” literally sum me up as a human. I am completely batshit crazy sometimes lads…

If you’re doing this then link me your playlist- I’ve still got like 350 songs to find ha!





  1. January 24, 2018 / 12:38 am

    omg I only recently rediscovered my love for The Cab when I heard Grow Up and Be Kids for the first time in years and Only Love is my all time favourite Ben Howard song, great picks! I’m a music blog so if you’re ever looking for new music or Spotify playlists galore, have a read! xx


    • rachelalice16
      January 28, 2018 / 9:40 am

      Awh thanks i’ll check it out! Ben Howard is literally a dream haha 😛 xx

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