My top 10 MCR songs

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The first time I saw MCR live I was 16 years old. It was Reading festival 2011 and I think I cried so much that my eyes actually swelled into tiny little prunes. I was so happy to finally see one of my favourite bands in the flesh and their music has been with me since the release of the Black Parade. Today I still love it as eternally as I always did. So without further rambling, here are my top 10 MCR songs:

10. Mama

Lol this song is so weird but SO excellent- and makes them stand out as such a unique musical talent. It’s literally also got Liza Minnelli featuring on the track and as an obsessive musical fan this is everything and more. Pay attention to this song kids- it’s a corker. Maaaamaa we all go to hell.

9. The Sharpest Lives

I dunno why more people don’t rate this song highly?! The instrumentals in this song are petrifying and so different to a lot of the other music out there. I LOVE this one.

8. Helena (So long and goodnight)

WHAT A POWER BALLAD. Helena is written about the Way brother’s grandma- and although lyrically or musically it might not be the best put together to a critical ear, it’s the meaning behind the song that makes this one rank so highly for me.

7. Cancer

I’ve written about this one before on the ‘Songs that make me bawl like a baby’ blog post. It’s beautiful, soulful and makes me literally sob every time I listen to it.

6. Teenagers

As I get older I find this song more and more relatable lol. Teenagers are terrifying these days ha! It’s punk-rock classic, it’s catchy and I play this one all the time to wake myself up.

5. Na Na Na [ Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na]

Killjoyyyyys make some noiiiiiise! From their later stuff, this is one of the only ones I’m a big fan of. I liked their more emo music but I can’t deny this one is fun, catchy and high energy as hell.

4. I Don’t Love You

This is such a fucking banger honestly. I feel like it’s vastly underrated as it’s less rock and screaming- more mellow, heartfelt and um- depressing lol? It’s still a damn tune.

3. I’m not okay (I promise)

Although it’s drenched in typical MCR angst- this song is SO fun. It’s about being the guy that a girl is cheating on her boyfriend with- so although it doesn’t sound like the kind of song you’d belt on the drive to work the guitars and lyrics are so powerful. I dunno, if it’s just me and this is a ridiculous claim, but the guitar solos remind me a bit of Queen. ( The only other dude who can really rock in my view 😉 )

2. Welcome to the Black Parade

Potentially the song that MCR is best known for (I think it was their only UK number 1) It’s lyrically so beautifully put together, the rock anthem and guitars just cut it above most of their other songs- and also I’ve drunkenly danced around so much to this it couldn’t not rank in the top 2!

1. Famous Last Words

I mean, the person who this was written about said it was an anthem even though it wasn’t particularly flattering. If that doesn’t say so much about this song then I don’t know what does. It’s shout out, sing-along, screaming guitars and it’s also got the best lyrics ever from an MCR song in my view (I am not afraid to keep on living, I am not afraid to walk this world alone) If you’re going to commit to listening to at least one of these songs, make it this one.




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