January: Week 3

Christ this month is literally whizzing by- anyone else?

I’m really enjoying doing these little weekly updates, kinda feel like it will be a nice thing to look back on come the end of 2018!

Although honestly my life is generally highly unexciting and usually a mix of work, cats and chilling with my pals- this one has been slightly more fun!

The week before Davos kicks off at work has been hectic to say the least. With the announcement that Donald Trump will be there and all the prep work- I’ve basically had a permanent headache with stress. Also a rather delightful breakout on my face of teenage stress spots. Yum.

I’ve had the greatest showman soundtrack to back me up though and lots of chilled nights in with Luke accompanied by films and tea!

The weekend was absolutely wonderful however. It was my friend Tashaa’s 25th, so me and my group of girls headed off to the Cotswolds to have a spa weekend and get our chill on! Currently writing this sat on a spa chair and drinking tea. Not a bad life is it?

The spa is called Ellenborough Park and as well as being treated to a full body massage we’ve had so much prosecco and I actually think I’m going to pop before the weekend is up.

I’m mildly dreading Davos starting next week – but this has been an amazing way to take my mind off things for a short while! Plus I’ve laughed so much my tummy actually hurts.

Hope you all had a delightful week!




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