My favourite female Youtubers

Although I don’t have a huge amount of time on my hands these days to watch Youtube videos- there’s nothing better than chilling with a cup of tea and a few videos to wind down. These are the women that I most love to watch when I get a spare minute!

Brogan Tate

Brogan is SUCH a sweetheart honestly. I started watching her weekly vlogs back in the day before she got all big and stuff (yeah I’m that person) but even now she’s got such a big readership, she still takes the time to reply to all her comments. She’s probably best known for her weekly vlogs, where she shows the highs and lows of her life. I just think she’s amazing tbh and such a lovely human being.

Helen Anderson

Awh Helen. She got married last year so I started watching a fair amount of her wedding-related content when I got engaged. Sadly, she and her husband have since split, but I’m still SO happy that I found her. She’s literally hilarious, she loves tattoos and she’s just such a damn cool woman. Everyone should be more like Helen Anderz.

Grace F Victory

Grace is such a straight-talking, generally lovely human being. I’ve read her blog for years and have taken a lot of inspiration from her. She’s just such an honest, interesting and excellent watch!

Hannah Witton

Omfg I love Hannah so much. She’s a sex-positive Youtuber, history-grad and she makes a range of videos about all kinds of taboo topics. She’s so relatable, informative and I just really love her content. She also has a sick blog if you wanna take a look at that.

Patricia Bright

Patricia makes mainly beauty videos and OMG I love her. She gives such honest reviews, she’s so hilarious and she really reminds me of one of my pals, which makes me feel like I already know her.

Lucy Wood

I’ve been compared to Lucy by loads of people… so I dunno if this one is a bit big-headed lol to put her on my favs- but this is why I probably relate to her so much. She’s a cat-lady, Harry Potter nerd, and general dork- also she works in digital journalism so I kinda feel like I have a vibe with her ha! Plus we make the same kind of terrible jokes. YAY!

Jessie B

Jessie is Irish, gorgeous and literally a hilarious weirdo. She makes a range of lifestyle videos and collabs with her sister (Melanie Murphy) fairly often. I just really love her attitude to life, she’s so funny and positive- and the sister relationship reminds me a lot of me and Anna. What a babe.

Anyone I’m missing? Let me know!




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