We’re all doing our best


D’ya know what the main thing I’ve noticed about my life that has changed since I quit Twitter? It’s one very basic thing- that I can probably articulate in one sentence.

It’s the amount I judge people.

When I had Twitter it was a stream of conscious thoughts constantly coming out of my fingers and onto the screen. I would tweet about things that were funny, about music I liked, share my latest blog posts and comment on society- but I would also feel it was my right and free platform to pass judgment on other people. Not necessarily people I know personally, but celebrities, people on TV, Youtubers, and musicians.

Twitter gave me (and many others) a place to post our immediate thoughts. Unfiltered, bold, brash thoughts- without really thinking them through and I’m not going to only call myself out here- every single person I know is guilty of being quick to judge and publicly pass judgment on how other people choose to live their lives. Social media has given us a platform where we’re able to be keyboard warriors and placing yourself on a pedestal above other people is just part of it.

Since I’ve left that particular site, I’ve actually become much more self-aware of the stuff that I’m putting out there, how it will be received and generally just actually realising that most people are just trying to get by and be happy.

Now, I ain’t suggesting that I’m the friggin Dali Lama or suggesting that since I quit the platform I’m a reformed human being. I still think bitchy things about people I don’t like, I still will vocalise opinions and potentially judgemental things about other people- but not having that public space to do it every second of the day- means that I’m only now typing things that I would say in real life or to that person’s face.

Literally- if you want to tell me my eyebrows suck then- please, go for it. But don’t hide behind the computer screen. Be brave in your assumptions about people, think about what you’re actually saying and perhaps check yourself before you hit the send button.

Being a human being is damn fucking hard- and it’s good to remind everyone (myself included) that we’re all doing the best we can. Most people are just trugging along trying to live a decent life, earn a living and be happy. So maybe we should all account for that the next time that we’re about to pass judgement on other people?




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