Resolving to be nicer to myself

I was thinking about my New Years Resolutions that I made just over 2 weeks ago- and I’ve decided that actually, I don’t want to do half of them. I’d given myself 10 goals for the year and already I was feeling like a stressed mess just thinking about how I had already fucked it. I had been really ambitious (which is no bad thing) but to the point that I didn’t actually have time to juggle all of the things!

And honestly- who are Resolutions for except yourself? Nobody else gives a flying fuck about if I want to change them or not, so here are my new, cut down and much kinder Resolutions for 2018. Because I don’t have to learn Japanese or paint canvases to have a stonking great year eh?

1- Quit the comparisons

I’m so guilty of comparing myself to other women. It genuinely feels like everyone else is doing so much more, achieving so much more and I can’t help but feeling a bit left behind. But I’d like to give myself a bit of perspective here- realise to take everything with a pinch of salt and realise that actually, I’m pretty lovely- just as I am.

2- Read 50 books

This one I’m sticking with. It’s a measurable goal and one that I like giving myself. Also I’m good at reading books so it’s fairly doable!

3- Embrace my body and enjoy it

Fuck beauty standards eh? I’m a healthy, sexy young woman- and there will come a time when I’m 80 and want to kick myself, because I was hot as shit and didn’t notice. It wouldn’t do me any harm to prob do a bit more exercise and eat a few more veggies though lolz. (Also less Diet Coke. Diet Coke is poison water!)

4- Make more time for friends and family

Basically the same as the original resolution. At the end of the day, the people you spent your time with are going to be the thing that matters most… so it’s worth prioritising over other things.

5- Figure out the career plan

I love my company, I like what I’m doing but there will come a time that I’m ready for change. I think this might be the year I really need to think about the direction I wanna go in.

So yeah- I guess in a way I’m a quitter, changing some of my Resolutions this early on. But if I don’t change them now then I just won’t end up doing anything!

There’s nothing wrong with taking every day as a new opportunity. It doesn’t only happen on January 1st!




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