Songs that make me bawl like a baby

One of the things I’ve found super interesting doing this one song a day playlist- is that I actually listen to things very repetitively. I have certain songs that I play when I’m in certain moods and today I want to share with you the songs I play when I just need a massive cathartic cry! Get your tissues at the ready lads- I’m a big cry baby, so there’s a fair few I turn to when I’m sad:

Breathe- Taylor Swift and Colby Caillat

Heartbroken Taylor songs are the songs that got me through a lot of shit at one point. This is a beautiful lyrical duet and I love it so much.

Somewhere over the rainbow- Arianna Grande

When the Manchester attacks happened I was inconsolable. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so affected by something that didn’t touch my life personally. I still think about the people there a lot and this song is such a beautiful reminder not to forget those who lost their lives.

All of me- John Legend

If the voice of liquid gold doesn’t jerk a tear in your eye then I’m sure the lyrics will do it. Ugh.

Cancer- My Chemical Romance

This is one of my favourite tracks on “The Black Parade” but it also makes me sob uncontrollably. The whole album is about a cancer patient making his way into death (can you see why I had an emo phase?) but the lyrics are actually heart-wrenchingly painful- particularly if you’ve suffered a loss. It’s such a beautiful song but I also kind of hate this one because it reminds me too much of people I’ve lost.

Arms- Christina Perri

Ah fuck man- this is going to *probably* be our first dance (don’t quote me we’re not 100% yet) but it’s literally my favourite song of hers. It isn’t sad but it’s so beautiful and perfectly sums up that warmth and love you get when you’re with the right person who gives you all the feels. I played it to my Mumma and she cried too, so it must be a good un’ if you want a sob.

When you’re gone- Avril Lavigne

I used to listen to this song when I was a heartbroken wreck and there’s something that really makes my throat turn into a rock when I hear it. The video is equally tear jerking.

Fix You- Coldplay

If you don’t cry at this then you must literally be made of stone. I literally ruined ALL my makeup and washed it off my face when I saw this live. It reminds me of having mental health issues and someone who sticks by you. (I associate it with my mum)

Can’t help falling in love with you- Elvis

My dad loves Elvis more than anything and this song just reminds me of him and how lucky I am to have him in my life. It’s slow, happy, love filled and beautiful. Cue the sobbing.

When we were young- Adele

Ugh this song gives me such a nostalgia hit. It is reminds me of all the wonderful people I’ve known in my life and makes me feel all gooey and happy/sad.

Change of heart- The 1975

This song is about falling out of love with someone for no particular reason. I listened to it loads just before me and my ex split and it’s so beautifully sad and relatable. It gives me the sadness that sometimes you have to hurt people to help both of you.

Castle on a hill- Ed Sheeran

Lol I had a breakdown to this song after Davos was over last year because I was so knackered from overworking. It’s a cracker of a song either way.

Half the world away- AURORA

I just associate this with the John Lewis ad and then start thinking about lonely old people and it gets my eyes all watery.

Real Love- Tom Odell

Yeah another John Lewis advert. I love this song so much though- it’s so adorable and makes me so happy inside.

Well… this was a nice cheery blog eh? Apologies, but it will be useful when you fancy a good sob one day!




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