A song a day: January

We’re now almost halfway through January so it seems like a good time to post the first half of my “Song a Day” playlist! Enjoy 🙂

Jan 1st- New Year’s Day: Taylor Swift

Self-explanatory really! Although I wasn’t cleaning up bottles because we left them at someone else’s house hehe.

Jan 2nd- Fight Song: Rachel Platten

I have anxiety quite badly and this is my go-to tune when it’s hitting me hard. Plus she has a gorgeous voice (and a great name!)

Jan 3rd- Confident: Demi Lovato

Demi is a sex goddess let’s face it. I am feeling so great about my appearance lately- so this one reminds me to be cocky and enjoy the confidence in feeling good in yourself!

Jan 4th- Settle: Vera Blue

This song is so mellow and I love it to relax. I also like this one to remind myself about the beauty of being alive and not getting complacent. Also this was the day I had a migraine so I needed something chill to listen to.

Jan 5th- Death of a Bachelor: Panic! at the Disco

This relates in 0 way to my life but I was in a Brendon mood. If you haven’t heard their more recent stuff- give it a go. His voice is gold.

Jan 6th- Marry you: Bruno Mars

This was the day I bought my wedding dress!! I was so excited about it and I also love this song so much. I literally played it all the way home that night.

Jan 7th- Walk on Water: TSTM

Lolz I picked this one because I was watching Dancing on Ice. Also I LOVES Thirty Seconds to Mars- (and i’m seeing them live this year ARHGH)

Jan 8th- Party Tattoos: Dodie

This one was only released in 2018 and I love it. Also I really like black lipstick so the lyrics are A+.

Jan 9th- Desperate Measures: Marianas Trench

I’ve been listening to MT since I was 15 and they literally speak to my soul.

Jan 10th- Friday Night: Lily Allen

I was listening to Lily Allen “Hard out here” and was so close to choosing that one because I was feeling irritated at society- but then I rediscovered this corker. It’s just hilarious!

Sidenote: I actually snorted out loud at; ‘good dancer love, but you should have worn a bra’.

Jan 11th- If U Seek Amy: Britney Spears

Hehe. I can’t even explain this one. The lyrics speak for themselves eh?

(I am totally kidding! I just fancied some Britney today!)

Jan 12th- Never Be The Same: Camila Cabello

I did a whole album review of Camila as it came out the previous day. This was my favourite track from the entire album and I basically blasted it all day.

Jan 13th- Basket Case: Green Day

Again self-explanatory. I often feel like a basket case when I’m battling OCD, because I just have the weirdest thoughts tbh.

Jan 14th- Electric Love: BØRNS

Fuck man I just adore this song. I think genuinely if I had to only listen to one song for the rest of my life it might be this one. Also we had watched a movie all about drugs and acid so I was in that kinda mind-frame.

Jan 15th- Salute: Little Mix

Sigh. I’m feeling bleh and this one is a decent pick me up!

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