January: Week 2


Well, this week didn’t get off to the best start I won’t lie- since I was feeling like absolute balls for the first two days of it! As I’m slowly easing myself off my antidepressants I’ve been hit hard by a barrage of withdrawal symptoms.

I spent most of my Monday and Tuesday basically draped across various pieces of furniture in my house, complaining I had a migraine to Luke and drinking tea and sitting grumpily in the bath!

I would always normally work from home if I wasn’t feeling 10/10- but for the first time (bar one day when I had a stomach virus) I decided to actually call in sick since I couldn’t even look at a screen without feeling like fried poo. It meant, however, that I didn’t prep many blogs for the week (hence the gap in my posting)

I thought that anxiety would be my biggest problem when coming off the tablets, but this is equally annoying. It did mean though that I finished my book and started on the Prisoner of Azkaban- illustrated edition. (Guys it’s amazing)

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 13.53.14.png

When I went back into the office on Wednesday I had two interesting things happen. Firstly- we had a massage lady in at work which was um weird? It’s very strange to be massaged in the middle of the day in your office- but it was hella nice! (Gotta love company perks)

The other thing is, I’m moving away from The World Economic Forum’s account and going onto something bigger and better as an Account Manager! I won’t disclose yet what it is- but it is safe to say I am feeling the pressure slightly with this client… (think global government and Saudi princes)

The rest of the week has been pretty mellow. I caught up with one of my oldest and closest friends Aileen this week, and ate copious amounts of pizza and drank a little bit too much wine- but it’s always SO good to see your old friends. She’s known me a very long time now and if there’s anyone who gets me-it’s her!

The weekend was mainly filled with family and friends again. I saw my bestie Alicia for brunch on Saturday and today is Luke’s mum’s birthday- so we’re hanging out with her and the rest of his family. I’ve also interspersed my week trying to write a few more blog posts- so there’s plenty of content to come!

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 13.52.40.png

I’m also still adding to my 2018 ‘Song a Day’ playlist! If you’ve missed any of them then you can take a look here 😀

I hope you all had glorious weeks!




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