Camila: Album Review


If you didn’t spend the end of last year shaking your hips to Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’ – then have you been living under a rock?

After notoriously dropping Fifth Harmony from her radar and going solo- I’ve been excited to see the direction that Cabello is going to go with her music. (Hey man, if Obama likes your biggest hit then it must be good right?)

So after a listen to the self-titled ‘Camila’- here’s what I’m thinking:

Never Be The Same

As an opening track- this is soul suckingly beautiful- playing on her extensive vocal range and ability to hit worryingly high notes. It’s a proper radio tune, a catchy ear-worm and I reckon that this one is going to be her next big hit. It’s nothing mind-blowing but I can’t deny that I’ve been listening to it on repeat all day!

All These Years

I won’t lie- this is a nice tune, but it’s not gripped me in the same way that a lot of her music does. It’s a lot more personal, heartfelt and raw- and it’s undeniable she’s put emotion into this track, but I don’t love the tune myself. Maybe other people will see something that I don’t?

She Loves Control

The title of this song literally speaks to my soul. This is a lot more on the Havana style-wagon. It’s Latino, it’s got that sass, that salsa and it genuinely makes me want to dance. The chorus is catchy, the beat is fun and although I sound like a 70 year old woman, there is no other word for this except ‘groovy’ (omg I can’t believe I just wrote that)


Do I even need to review this? It’s been a chart topper for nearly two-months now. And rightly so- it’s a fucking smash.

Inside Out

Again, nothing special with this one. It’s sugary pop, it’s fun and catchy- but it’s nothing I want to scream from the rooftops about. Although I like that there’s actually a hint of Spanish in this one. I mean, it’s one line- but it’s so good to hear something from her roots and kind of ties the whole vibe of this album together.


I LOVE this track. It reminds me of every failed relationship I’ve ever experienced. It’s raw and beautiful, it showcases her talent as a vocalist and considering she actually wrote it herself- she’s bringing something so innocent to it. It reminds me a little of Taylor back in the days before she um… died?

Real Friends

I don’t want to presume anything- but I can only assume this is about her breakup with the band? But hey gurl- you might have lost fake ass friends, but you found yourself a voice of your own. I like how unedited this track is- it’s cute and unedited pop, which I am here for. It’s refreshing to hear the voice and not the auto tuned.

Something’s Gotta Give

This song. Oh this song. To me this is a definitive break-up song. This one hits me so hard because its about knowing what the right thing to do is- but not being able to do it. I love her voice in this- it’s lyrics literally cut so deep. I don’t think it will be a smash hit but OH GOD IT SHOULD BE. I’d go as far to say that she’s in the leagues of Arianna with this one.

In The Dark

Again, a slightly more dark and synthesized vocal to this one. I don’t love it quite as much as some of the other tracks- but I can recognise that there’s a lot of heart behind the lyrics to this one.

Into It

This one reminds me SO MUCH of Taylor Swift’s new style. It’s fun pop beats, it’s catchy and although I don’t think I’ll have this one on repeat- I can see that it’s a nicely pop-punched tune.

After claiming that 5H never wrote their own music, it’s so good to see her blossoming as a song-writer in her own right. I love the Latino feel to these tracks and ultimately- I’m loving where she’s going. The standouts of this album are ultimately Havana, Consequences and Never Be The Same.

If you haven’t heard any of her newest stuff- give it a go! This is one artist I’m gonna be watching in the long run.



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