January: Week 1

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So we’re already a week into 2018 (I swear to god someone has pressed fast-forward on life!) So here’s what I’ve been up to in the past week:

January week started with a bank holiday, which was absolutely wonderful when you work full-time- as it meant Luke and I spent most of the day able to relax a bit knowing that the week was going to be short. Since my cousins and auntie and uncle had been skiing over Christmas Day- we went over to my parents to have a belated celebration.

I put my phone pretty much to one side so no photos I’m afraid that it was so nice to spend some quality time catching up with the family. We also broke our no takeaways rule that evening by getting McDonald’s and watching TV come the evening- oooops.

Tuesday we were back to work and it was also a chance for me to finally talk to my boss about Davos and my mental health. As expected she was absolutely lovely about the whole thing. Super lucky to work with bosses who understand mental health and it’s importance! I’m going to be heading up the team in Beaconsfield instead, which is a shame- but it means my bestie Sam gets to go instead, which is a great opportunity for him.

The rest of the week was pretty much fully work oriented- yep adult life isn’t always exciting! (Woody embodies my feelings about going back below:)

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However, resolutions wise I’m doing pretty well. I managed to finish 3 books this week so that’s given me a nice little boost to my 50 books challenge. I’ve had one Diet Coke in an entire week (better than my usual 7) and I’ve also been aiming to do 30 mins power walking every evening- this sucks balls at the moment because the weather is so bleak!

I’ve also sketched out my first canvas drawing and signed on for the Rock choir in Hemel which is kinda nerve-wracking. Plus, my book is in full-swing at the moment. I really think I’ll be done with it potentially by the end of the month.

The weekend was also ace. Our pals Tom, Hannah, and Mark came over and I’ve discovered my new favourite game. If you’re a fan of list-making and also being insanely competitive then try out ‘listography’- I promise it’s one of the best I’ve played in a while!

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It was also family filled and a chance to see my sister before she heads back to uni, as I won’t be seeing her again until gaga (cry cry cry)- but I’ve picked my wedding dress and also lads, I’ve started Riverdale. Why am I always so late on the bandwagon? (Also Archie is literally a god. Nobody tell Luke I said that)

What did you get up to this week?




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