Finding the one

So today- something pretty massive happened… I found my wedding dress!

As someone who’s particularly lacking in knowledge about anything bridal or wedding oriented- I was imagining that the whole experience would be a little overwhelming- so for any potential brides to be, here’s a few things I’ve learnt:

Go with some idea of what you’re looking for

I went in with a vague idea of the kind of silhouette I have so I knew what styles might flatter my body. Walking into a shop stuffed to the brim with dresses can be overwhelming so knowing a vague image of what you imagine yourself in might be beneficial.

Be open to other ideas

And in total counteraction to what I’ve just said- it’s also good to be open minded. I went in thinking I had to have sleeves- and guess what? I’m leaving with a strapless one. Sometimes things work better than you first imagined and when they’re actually on your body it can look really different.

Don’t feel like you need an audience

Too many cooks can really spoil the broth right? It’s nice to have other people’s opinions but I actually hate shopping with a big group- so instead I took my mum and my sister. Enough people to back up my decisions, but not so many that I felt overwhelmed by other people. (I’ll probably go back with my bridesmaids to do their dresses)

Ask questions

The people who work there are super knowledgable in their field and I had about 108 questions. They were so lovely, kind and honestly- I trusted their opinion so much!

Forget the sizing

Apparently bridal dresses size up higher than your regular clothes, so don’t be too shocked when they tell you you’re bigger than you thought.

Don’t be afraid if you love the first one

In classic Rach style, I tried on loads of dresses and ended up choosing the first one I tried on! If you know, then you know eh?

I won’t be showing a photo because my fiancé might read this!! But I can’t wait to share it in November 🙂




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