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If you know me at all, you’ll know that it’s a massive goal of mine to write and have a book published. (Or self-publish if everyone thinks it sucks ha)

I’m currently writing two stories. I’ve got one on pause at the moment, as I’m feeling a little creatively stunted with it called- ‘The Butterfly Girl’.

The Butterfly Girl is a YA fiction, aimed at teens from 12-19. The story follows a girl called Maya who loses the last three years of her memory in a car accident. What follows is the realisation that life has changed a bit since she can last remember. It’s a story partially about self-discovery, identity, and friendship- but I also wanted a fair amount of mental health and the trials of growing up as a young woman. My target word-count for this is around 70,000 words and I’ve got the majority of the story and text fleshed out- but it needs a lot of work.

The other story that I’ve focused more on lately is my book ‘Poppy Bloom vs. the World’- yes tres catchy title no? The story is designed to be read by kids aged 7-14, so the language that I’m using for this one is very dampened down and basic- but it’s a story about a girl called Poppy Bloom who lives in a world where everyone has superpowers except her. She’s invited to attend Peabody’s school when she turns 11 years old- and mischieve continues from there! If you’ve ever read the Worst Witch then think a little bit along those lines. This one I’m aiming for a much shorter word count of around 35,000- so I’ll keep the blog updated on how it’s going!

Have you got any creative projects at the moment?





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