My top 5 “Black Mirror” episodes

With the latest season of Black Mirror being released today- I thought I would run you through my top 5 episodes of all time. Enjoy!

5- USS Callister

This is the first episode in the new season of Black Mirror and inevitably will always be known to Luke and me as “the episode that’s a bit like Star Trek.” When a genius coder builds a virtual game world, things take a turn for the worst as reality and real-life collide. It’s not only a highly entertaining episode, but I genuinely cared about the fate of the characters. I don’t want to spoil any of this because it’s pure perfect.

4- White Bear

This is the absolute most WTF episode of BM I think I’ve ever seen in my life. For around the majority of the episode you’ll be scratching your head and totally bemused about what’s going on- but this ep has the most ultimate killer twist you’ll ever experience. I won’t say anything else- because it was a true shocker for me.

3- Nosedive

In true to life style, “nosedive” follows the story of a society that’s plagued by phone addiction and driven by the need to rank everyone on a social scale. In a popularity contest gone wrong, as a young woman does everything she can to improve her social “rating” and lead the perfect life. This is the kind of episode that makes you wish you’d never laid your hands on an iPhone. Shocking to the core.

2- Be right back

I mean first off, this has Dominic Gleeson in it. Yep yep yep. The plot follows the future of dying and death itself- in a world where people can still see their loved ones through a recreated and robotic version of them. As well as incredible acting and a perfectly executed storyline- this episode has so much more to offer in terms of the way that technology is not only changing the way we live- but the way we die.

1- San Junipero

I mean really- who’s favourite wouldn’t be this one. The story has a lesbian couple, a black female lead and there’s no dominant male characters at all. It’s a rare treat and dreamlike detour from the usual style of black mirror- with the most beautiful scenes, music, characterisations and ultimately the perfect ending. If you watch any of Black Mirror- make it this one.


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