New Year’s Resolutions everyone should actually make

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1.Check the sell-by dates on your makeup. You know that stuff actually goes off? It might be good to have a clear-out of all that crappy gunky beauty stuff, you’ve got stashed away in your drawers. Nobody wants to start the new year with conjunctivitis eh?

2. Cry. Crying is cathartic and good for the soul. Don’t be ashamed to do it more.

3. Double text. I never had any shame about being honest when I liked someone. If they’re going to make you feel embarrassed for sending two messages, then do you really want to waste your time with them? Thou shalt not be ignored by a fuck boy in 2018!

4. Stop caring about the number of likes on an Instagram post. The only person who really cares about that number is you. The social media anxiety is a huge waste of time. Spend your energy on useful things… like eating cake.

5. Turn your phone off when you’re out with real people. I have a rule where I keep mine facedown on the table, or even better- hidden away in my bag. It’s rude, boring and lame when you’re out with people and all they’re doing is talking to someone else! Nothing can be that important.

6. Pay it forward. Do things to help other people, like volunteering for a charity or even just donating a bit of money or some old things. Sidenote- don’t then post a status on it. It makes you look like a twit when you try and appear like you’re a good person. Just do it and feel good about yourself.

7. Stop telling people about your dreams. Honestly, I can’t tell you the number of conversations I’ve had to pretend to be interested when someone tells you what went on inside their head whilst they were asleep. Unless I was in it, I REALLY don’t care.

8. Quit making excuses. Hate your job? Look for a new one! Dating a complete waste of space? Dump his ass and find someone better. Can’t be assed to hit the gym? (Feel ya) It’s all very well saying that you’re unhappy with a situation, but I have no sympathy if you’re in control and don’t try and change it. I’ve got a lot of things that I want to work on next year- starting with a change from myself.

9. Read more books. There’s nothing that I can back up more than the true joy and escapism of a good book. Honestly, there are billions to choose from. Even if you just read one- that’s still some wisdom that you’ve got from the page!

10. To let things go. It can be easy to be riled by people, to care too much about what they think and to react in anger. But sometimes- the best reaction is to give no reaction at all. I’ve learned this one this year and I’m taking it into the new year with me.

11. Stop saying that you have ‘guilty pleasures’. I have no guilt or shame that I adore nerdy things, weird things and that I’m probably mildly obsessed with cheesy pop ballads. Love what you want and stop shaming others for it.

12. Don’t make an ‘I’ll see you next year’ joke on December 31st. It’s not funny. Plz. Stop.

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