Why 2018 should be the year you start a diary

I’ve kept a diary now since I was around 14 years old. The reason that I started it was partially that I was obsessed with the Princess Diaries (who doesn’t want to be like Mia)- but I also had begun to battle my eating disorder at the time.

The therapist that I was seeing said that it might help me with combating my illness, to write it all out and splurge it onto a page.

To an extent it did help, but more than anything- she encouraged me to begin the habit of a lifetime. She helped me to develop a love of writing. Here’s why I think 2018 should be the year that everyone starts writing their own diary:

See your growth as a person

Because the majority of my diary from 14-20 is basically a stream of what I ate, what exercise I did and how I was too fat, it’s so nice to feel like I’ve made such a huge change and managed to get over that part of my life. I feel sad for the kid who wrote those diary entries, but it’s amazing to read them compared to now- and realise that I’m so much better than I ever was.

Lose the rose-tinted glasses

When I broke up with my ex, I was literally devastated. I did everything that I could to try and get him back (my stint as captain of the crazy train) and I felt like I would never be as happy as I had been with him. Well, newsflash- I’d written an awful lot about the shitty things that had gone down in the last two years that we’d been together. Reading that back, was definitely a wake-up call from me, that he wasn’t the perfect guy that I had been remembering.

Remember funny stories

You think that you’ll remember everything, but trust me- a lot of details will get lost along the way as you bumble through life. I love reading back on some of my favourite life moments that I’ve written about- and getting what I was really thinking at the time.

Get your anger out

Trust me from experience when I say- ‘DON’T PUBLICLY BITCH ABOUT PEOPLE’. It’s never gonna end well and you’ll always be the one who looks like a dick. Instead, use your diary to vent out the rage, get it onto the page- then move on with your life.

Get the creative juices flowing

The best way to become better at something is to practice. If you’re trying to improve your writing skills, then keeping a journal will really help you find your own voice, give you a reason to write and help you brainstorm ideas.

Remove yourself from the screen

I work in social media, I blog and I write my book- all on a computer. Although I love the ease and accessibly of being able to erase and rewrite things, there’s something so lovely about putting pen to paper and getting away from the screen every now and then.

Will you be starting a diary next year? Or do you already write one?



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