Some kind of wonderful: Review


I absolutely hands-down adore Giovanna Fletcher. I’ve read all of her chic-lit books, I’ve lined up to meet her at Waterstones (she’s an absolute babe) and I was so excited when I received ‘Some kind of wonderful’ for Christmas.

The story follows Lizzy, a twenty-something, who has spent the last decade in a relationship with the same man, Ian. When she’s expecting a proposal in Dubai it soon ends in heartbreak as Lizzy finds herself single and unsure about the person that she’s actually supposed to be without Ian by her side. What follows is a journey of self-discovery and finding out what Lizzy really wants from her life without marriage and babies on the cards.

I’ll start off by complimenting Gi on her writing style. She’s got a very relaxed and easy flow to her writing, and it really feels like you’re reading a book written by an old friend whenever you get to open one of her books. The writing style was ever so slightly different to the previous ones I’ve read, and I do feel like she’s evolving as an author- which is great to see.

However, if I’m being brutally honest about this one- unfortunately, I have to say that I didn’t love this book- and felt it fell a little flat in comparison to her previous stories.

I was very excited by the premise of the story, but I felt that there wasn’t actually much more to it, when we really got into the plot itself.

The first half of the book was just a bit dull, with an excruciatingly slow pace of Lizzy gathering herself together- and nothing really happening except for the things that had been written in the blurb.

Of course, I felt for the character of Lizzy- but I found the other characters in this novel draining and depressing. Lizzy’s family, best friend, and potential love interest were never fully expanded on- and what started as an optimistic coming of age story, soon turned into a reasonable, nicely written- but ultimately mildly boring book.

I’m afraid I wouldn’t be ranking this one very highly!




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