My self-manifesto 2018

I will be kinder to myself

I’m notoriously hard on myself as an individual. I strive to be perfect and honestly- who is? I want to big myself up, not rip myself apart when I mess up and accept that it’s human to make mistakes. I’m a tad mad, kind and fun person- and I need to start telling myself that, instead of not being good enough.

I will never be ashamed of the things I love

I’m a multi-flavour geek in every way! I love all things dorky- but I spent far too much time as a teen, attempting to be far cooler than I was. I always want to embrace the individual that I am. Ain’t nobody else like me!

I will always put my creativity over my nerves

I’ve been scared of criticism my whole life, which has meant that I haven’t sent my book off or let other people read it. I wanna try and be braver with the things that I’ve created next year.

I will look after my mental health and understand that it’s all a journey

This year has been amazing- the only thing I’ve really struggled with is my mental health being a bit crap. It can be super frustrating when you feel like everything is going well, but your brain won’t let you believe it. I’m always going to have to cope with my eating disorder, anxiety and OCD on some level.

I will try and enjoy the little things

I’ve always been one of those people who’s super restless- always seeking the next big exciting thing. But the last year has taught me to enjoy domestic bliss a little more and slow it down!

Have you got any self-improvements for next year?




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