The best moments of Christmas

I’ve just packed up my desk for the Christmas long-weekend to begin- so I thought that I’d share my favourite moments of the festive season!

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The heartwrenching cute moment that you watch the Christmas adverts on the TV for the first time- and the anticipation to see if John Lewis can pull it out of the bag again.

Justifying eating chocolate and mince pies for breakfast for 98% of December. Cos, Christmas innit?

The moment when the clock hits 5pm on your last day of work before the Christmas weekend- and you genuinely feel like you’ve just escaped Shawshank prison.

Going home to your mum and dad and being waited on hand and foot. Cups of tea? Prosecco? Foot rub? You name it.

Attempting to sing the high parts of ‘All I want for Christmas is you’ – and potentially breaking every mirror within the vicinity.

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Switching on the TV and having the glorious delight of there being decent movies on- HELLO LOVE ACTUALLY YOU HUN.

Getting concerningly drunk on prosecco, mulled wine and christmas bevs at the pub with your mates on Christmas Eve.

Getting to re-watch all of the old Christmas TV specials. Royal Family, Gavin and Stacey, Vicar of Dibley. Yep yep yep.

Feeling literally 0-guilt at consuming an entire box of Roses in front of the TV by yourself. Or a whole chocolate orange for Christmas brekkie. It’s only right to celebrate Jesus’ birthday like this!

Telling the same stories every single year with your family- and still laughing as hard as you did the time it actually happened.

Eating a staggeringly large variety of cheeses- even the ones with weird Christmas twists. Cranberry and Wensleydale anyone?

A family dispute breaking out over the board games. Ain’t nothing going to ruin Christmas like someone stealing from the Monopoly bank.

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Wearing a sparkly top or dress on Christmas day, even though it is approx 0 degrees. I have one month for my festive fashion dammit.

Someone opening a gift that you’ve worked really hard on making perfect- and seeing the smile on their face!

Pretending you don’t want to wear your Christmas cracker hat. Gurl- it’s an xmas day necessity. 

What parts do you love?



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