I want to do a phD.


As I’m currently writing this, I’m sat with two very expensive framed pieces of paper above my head. One- is my undergraduate degree in Sociology and Criminology from the University of Kent. The other- is my MA in Journalism from London Met.

Although I wrote a bit about why my MA wasn’t the greatest experience on the planet, these are two pieces of paper that to me, represent an immense achievement and several solid years of study, work and copious amounts of caffeine.

Once my MA was over, I went straight into full-time work and have been working in social media and account management for coming up to two-years.

Although I love my job, I adore the people that I work with- and I get an immense sense of achievement from managing to progress so far in my career, I’ve got an academic itch that has been lurking. I really miss education and the feeling that I’m in control of my own learning.

┬áSince I started working full-time I feel like I don’t learn anything knew these days. I read shit tons, I’ve been using duolingo for around 4-years and I’ve also done some online modules- but there’s nothing to me that can beat that university environment. The pressure of deadlines, the feedback from professors and the entire atmosphere that is so focused around learning and academic excellence.

I’ve tried to explain this to other people, who argue that “a phD is just a waste of money and time.” They’ve questioned me on what I could possibly get from it- that I couldn’t just do myself for free.

And the answer is- I’m still working on that part.

I can’t understand why I’ve got it so fixated in my head that it’s something that I want to do, but it happens so often- I get stuck in the mindset of wanting to do something- and then I want to explore every avenue to work out how to make it a reality.

I want the pressure to come from someone other than myself. I want to do something that is universally recognised to be the highest level of educational attainment. I want to study and write a thesis on something that nobody else has yet.

Although I know a huge amount of phD work comes from your own study, I can’t shake the thought that I’d love to be working on and researching a problem that nobody has solved before. It’s just finding the time, the money and the motivation.

Feasibly, I know that I can’t do this within the next year. There’s tons going on at work, and financially- I just don’t have the funds right now.

But still- it’s something I’ve been pondering for so long, I’m wondering if there’s any way at all I can make it work.

I guess, watch this space?

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  1. December 26, 2017 / 10:51 pm

    Seems you’ve got the motivation that you need to give it a go.
    I’m only half way through the PhD journey and most of the time I really enjoy it.

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