My online manifesto: 2018

2017 has been a stonkingly great year for me (after the hell-pit that was 2016, I think I deserved it)

But there are some changes that I’d like to make in all the areas of my life as the new year rolls in. Let’s start with my online presence:

I will make more of an effort to actually take photos for my blog

I got a delicious new theme this year, which means my photography is something I need to actually start bothering with- rather than just adding one random header to my blog posts. I don’t have a nice camera and I wouldn’t say that I’m a particularly talented photographer- however, my best pal is an absolute dream with her photos. (Check her out on insta here) I might ask her for some tips in the new year so that I can work on it.

I will not engage in pointless twitter drama ever again

I stgĀ 2017 was the year of twitter drama. So much so that in the end I literally thought ‘fuck it’ and deleted the entire thing. It was sucking my time, draining my energy and it also meant I was being a little out of line- which is not the kind of person I ever want to be. Life is much sweeter when you remove yourself from a situation, admit you didn’t respond the best you could and try to not do it again.

I will endeavor to engage with other people’s blogs more

I read a lot of blogs, but I often fail to bother to comment that I really enjoyed the post or agree/disagree with their content. I love to read other people’s comments and opinions- so I need to make my presence a little more known in 2018!

I will spring-clean my online connections

I try to only keep people on Facebook that I’ve actually spoken to or spent time with, in the last year or so. I want to continue to do this and also to tidy up my Insta following. I don’t use Snapchat or Twitter anymore- so they aren’t even on my radar!

I will try and spend less time online

I mean, if you work in digital media it’s practically impossible to take a full-24 hour stint away. However, I’d like to do more tech-free evenings after work, where we don’t even pop the TV on. Online life is fab and all- but real life is far better!




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