Introverted or extroverted?

Throughout most of my life, I would have classified myself as nothing but an extrovert.


I love chatting non-stop, I’m very loud, I’m comfortable around new people and I’m good in big groups. (Honestly, if you bring me to a party- I’ll probably wander off and talk to someone else within 10 minutes!)

But actually- I think I didn’t really understand the term extroversion or introversion when I made this assumption about myself. Because in actual fact, none of these traits are what it means to be an extrovert.

You could be an introvert and good at all these things too. Instead- the terms describe where it is that you get your energy from and how you feel when you’re alone or surrounded by people.

Although I used to hate spending even a minute on my own, as I’m getting further into my twenties- I’m beginning to appreciate and enjoy my own company even more than I used to.

I have a very social job in an office where I’m surrounded by people all day. I live with Luke and I often see people in the evening after work- which means that I spend a lot of time around and getting energy from people on a daily basis.

But lately, I’m also really enjoying the ability to enjoy my own company a little bit more and try and do things just for myself- without feeling like I actively need someone alongside me. (Something that I’d like to be able to do more of. Gurl gotta have some independence.)

It’s quite a weird feeling because I’ve always considered myself to be a super-extrovert, who needed that constant stimulation of other people’s company to be cheerful.

I’ve pretty much either been in a relationship, surrounded by school friends or at work all the time- so perhaps I’ve never noticed before how much I value the peace and quiet of my own brain.

Of course, I much prefer to share experiences with people. I get sad and bummed when I’m on my own for too long… but I’m wondering if I’m turning into an extroverted-introvert as the years are going on?




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