Why D&D isn’t just for nerds


When I say the words, ‘Dungeons and Dragons’- what immediately springs to mind?

Maybe it’s a collection of nerdy guys sat around a table in a comic-book store? Maybe it’s a group of kids, like the Stranger Things cast- who are playing in the basement? Maybe it’s something you’ve never even really considered- because it’s breaching on the highest level of Nerd-Vana imaginable.

For me, a few weeks ago- I’d probably have sprung to the first conclusion. D&D is a game for nerdy dudes- and it’s probably not something that I would be interested in. I have plenty of other board/card games I like- and the thought of a fantasy role-playing game to me sounded a little awkward and embarrassing.

Although I would consider myself a relatively stereotypical nerd/ geek- I always thought of myself more on the lower side of the spectrum. I do play video games, I’ve been to Comicon, I read a lot, I talk about Hogwarts like it’s a real place (it is) and I’m a massive fan of superhero franchises, fantasy, and Sci-Fi. However, there’s a certain level of it I haven’t quite reached- which I want to debunk today.

When I told a friend that I was spending my Friday night playing D&D she looked at me like I’d fully lost my marbles. But honestly? I actually think this game has such a bad rep- when it’s something that all kinds of people can enjoy. Because now I’ve played it a couple of times- D&D is certainly not for the nerdiest people in existence. It’s actually a really fun and decent game that I would 10/10 recommend.

Firstly, it’s definitely for the more creative souls, that will probably appreciate it most. D&D is a game that relies on a narrator telling you the scene and building up the way that the story works. Becuase of having no visual aids, like you get in a video game- it’s a really great way to be more imaginative, to turn off the screen and to fully immerse yourself in something other than your iPhone, PS4 or the TV.

I love that aspect of it because I get so fed up with people who are constantly checking their phones 24/7. This game is a proper way to get everyone to shut themselves off and immerse themselves in the storyline.

It’s actually also a very social game- considering that most of it is told by the ‘dungeon master’ and the one person leading the game. You have to be physically in the same room in order to play, which means that you actually spend a huge amount of time with other people. There’s always hilarious moments, weird twists and turns- and honestly, we spend a lot of the time in fits of giggles laughing at some of the ridiculous stuff that we’ve ended up playing/ saying.

Finally, at the end of the day- it’s a hobby like any other. I would never feel the need to defend myself for anything else that I enjoyed doing. Yes- it’s a game typically for nerds- because it requires a huge amount of time, planning, and effort- but it’s also for creative people, who love a game of strategy, the fun of hanging out with a group of people and have enough imagination to set up a scene in their head. I would honestly say nowadays, that I am unashamedly a true D&D convert.





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