No fucks given: Instagram Themes

I read a book a while back called “The life-changing magic of Not Giving a fuck” by Sarah Knight.

In her book she introduced the concept that human beings only have a certain amount of fucks that they can give about things- and she suggested creating a “fuck budget”.

The budget being a way to prioritise the things you care enough about to work at- and the things that you will let go, to forevermore give no fucks about.

So- today, I’m removing “having an Instagram theme” from my list of fucks to give.

I think my inner perfectionist used to care a lot about this because I like things to look “just right”.

I wanted everything to nicely match on my grid and my weird little creative brain thinks it looks so much better when the colours/ photo style kinda match.

But honestly? Last night I wanted to post a bunch of pics from my Christmas party at work, but I almost stopped myself because they weren’t pretty and didn’t match.

Then I took a proper look at the ridiculousness of the statement I had just made- realised that if any stupid artsy theme was stopping me putting things out that I want, then it’s time to stop giving a fuck.

Instagram themes are nice and all- but they’re tiring, time-consuming and honestly? Who the hell is actually clicking on my profile and evaluating the colour scheme?

I don’t ever go on people’s full profile, I just look at the stuff that appears on my timeline.

So fuck it. No more insta themes!




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