My “most-played” 2017

So Spotify have recently built me a little playlist of my most played songs throughout this year- and I thought it might be fun to share them with you all.

Although Ann-Marie, Taylor, P!nk, TSTM and my baes Tove Lo and Halsey didn’t make it into my obsessive listening top 10- I have ADORED them this year!

So… without further ado; here are my top 10 most played:

10- Waves- Tonight Alive

Oh my- I’m not at all surprised by this one. I heard them live for the first time as they were supporting YM@6 on tour. Although I didn’t know any of their stuff, this song properly stuck with me. I think it’s so beautiful, unique and even though I’m not sure what it’s about, I feel like it embodies anxiety and all the shit that comes with mental health and bad relationships. Idk- that’s just what I get from it!

Also hilarious fact- Luke suggested this as our first dance… until we properly listened to it and realised there was a lovely old line about drowning. Yay! Happy days!

9- House on a Hill- The Pretty Reckless

Another new discovery for me this year. I’d heard of the Pretty Reckless- but just kinda brushed them off as “Jenny from Gossip Girl’s band”. Then I listened to this song… and um, never stopped? I think they’ve got such a raw, rock sound- and this song is such obsessive listening.

8- Heavy Soul- You Me at Six

Lads- this might just be my favourite album that YMA6 have ever produced. This song is everything classic about their sound, bangin’ vocals from Josh F and mellow, minimal riffs- it’s a proper road tripping song!

7- Venus-Lady Gaga

I’m baffled as to why a song from 2013 is on my most played 4 years later- but hey, the Artpop days live on! This is my sassiest jam when I need a pick me up. Legit played about 5 times a day in my car. What can I say? Act sleeeeeazy.

6- Perfect- Ed Sheeran

Guuuuuh this song gives me all the gooey feels. It’s so err- Perfect? It’s Just Ed doing his thing and producing the most romantic and beautiful song EVER. I saw it live and as this began to play- my brain decided it would be a great time to faint in the standing area. Good job Rach.

5- Who do you love- Mariana’s Trench

I have loved MT for all of my teen years and although I was too anxious to get to see them live this year- next time lads! This song is a great starting point if you’ve never listened to them before. They’re just pure pop punk. Plain and simple. This song reminds me so much of 2015 and the summer.

4- Until you were gone- The Chainsmokers

I went to see these guys with my sister early in 2017 and this song is just such a brilliant song to drunk dance your heart out to. We honesty had the absolute best time ever (although this was the time I got in a fight with someone oops)- hey man my sister and me are a sassy dream team!

3- Give- You Me at Six

Another much more mellow tune from my boys. Give this one a listen. It’s sweet, and slow at the start and then proper belts out at the chorus. I loved singing this one live along with a bunch of other excellent humans!

2- Castle on the Hill- Ed Sheeran

Eh what a surprise? This song makes me so nostalgic of school days and it’s the only thing that got me through Davos 2017 and kept me awake for the crazy long hours we did!

1- Dancin’ in circles- Lady Gaga

When I bought Gaga tickets I literally obsessively listened to Joanne for ages- but this one is potentially my favourite. It’s sexy, catchy and I can’t wait to just dance like one of those embarrassing white girls who thinks she’s sexy. Woooo!




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