Festive fashion

I LOVE a Christmas jumper. I love the tacky colours, the woolly snuggly comfort and the bells and lights being actually acceptable to wear out for an entire month!

I also love that Christmas Jumper Day is a thing to raise some money for a great cause.

However- there’s one massive thing that really bugs me about it (not to sound like the grinch and all) but that’s how much people waste their festive fashion.

Believe me- I get it. I love clothes, having new bits and pieces and the temptation is so real to buy hilarious jumpers that I see out in the shops. But since I’m trying to be so much more eco-conscious, I want to call out the practice of wasteful festive fashion and the fact people seem to buy a new jumper every single year.

The environmental charity Hubbub has found that last year, one in four of the Christmas jumpers purchased were worn once and then thrown away

It’s just such a huge waste. One jumper that’s cute and snuggly should be enough to satisfy you for several festive seasons!

It really demonstrates people’s privilege that they feel like they can just buy things only to chuck em out after one or two wears.

Isn’t the point of Christmas to think of others less fortunate than yourself and to be charitable and kind?

Maybe instead of spending another 15-20 quid on a new jumper this year… just put that money towards the charity you’re wearing it for- and wear that one you got last year?

Or if that jumper you wore last year is SO heinous it makes you want to burn it in a sacrificial ritual in the garden- then perhaps do a jumper exchange with your pals? Pass your hideous purchase on to someone else and get another in return!




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