The things you might not know

There are a lot of things you probably know about me by now if you’ve read my blog for any length of time.

I’m an obsessive bookworm, I’m a nature-girl, I’m hella nerdy, I write poems, I love to travel, I live with my fiance and two cats.

Although I’ve written a fair amount surrounding my mental health issues- I’m actually a very chilled person most of the time- and I don’t take anything seriously.

So I thought it might be fun to share some of the stuff that I don’t put on this blog. The little snippets of my life that aren’t all opinion pieces, mental health awareness, and important stuff.

Because, although I love to write those things- sometimes you just gotta chill and take a step back from it all. So here are some of the lesser known things about me:

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I had singing lessons for 5 years. Yep, believe it or not- even though I have a pretty disastrous laugh and I don’t have the nicest voice in the world- I’m actually a fairly decent singer! I performed at several little concerts and I have a grade 6 in musical theatre.

I’m allergic to mangos. Yup- I won’t go into the story of how I found this out (it involves a lot of being sick) but those tropical little bastards are not for me thanks!

I’ve been vegetarian. Although I currently eat meat, there’s been about 3 years in total where I’ve stuck to full-vegetarianism (and yes I didn’t eat fish) – I’m still super passionate about animal rights and try not to eat too much meat even now.

I have a grade 5 ballet qualification. I used to want to be a ballerina, but then ya know- I got boobs and curves and it didn’t really seem to be something that was going to materialize! However, I still adore going to see the ballet at Christmas and wish I had never given it up.

I want to learn Japanese. I love anime, I love Japan and I think this would just be the coolest skill to have in the entire world.

I cry at everything. Movies, books, music- if it’s even the tiniest bit sad (or god help me if it’s happy) then you can guarantee that I’ll be blubbing away in the corner. The most embarrassing thing I cried at was King Kong. Literally, I sobbed for like an hour. My family still laugh at me about it today!

I love Robin Williams endlessly. Like honestly, he’s always been the person that I look up to and absolutely adore. I really want a tattoo of his face on my other arm, but I think my mum might just murder me if I do that.

I have really strange dreams. My mind is super overactive so if I’ve ever interacted with you, I can guarantee that I’ve probably had a weird dream about you at some point. Soz.

I am painfully competitive. Seriously, I would warn you of this now before you play a game with me- I will do anything to win. I also can’t deal with people who say things like ‘oh it’s only a game.’ They ignite my serious rage.

I will listen to one song on repeat until I ruin it. I’m trying so hard to be varied in my music taste, but I get stuck in the cycle and then ruin the entire song for myself. Oooops.

I used to be in the cadets. Yep. I’ve shot guns, I’ve sailed, I’ve done overnight drills in tents… and I can march. (I’m a cracking shot, even though I’m pretty against guns nowadays)

I think I want to be a teacher. I applied for teacher training, before deciding to try something else first (my mum advised me to do this)- but I reckon that I’ll probably retrain in a few years. I love working with kids and sharing the knowledge!

I’ve written a diary since I was 15. I only seem to write it in when I’m upset or angry- but lord help anyone who ever read it!

I have 5 unfinished books on my desktop. Yes- five. Someone sort my productivity problem out eh?

I have a great memory. Yikes, that sounds arrogant but it’s pretty true. I’ve always liked exams because I can cram a lot of info in at once!

I have horrible feet. My uni pals used to call them ‘the crow feet’ because they’re that hideous.

I find commas really tricky. Much to the despair of all of my teachers, my news writing professors, and my work colleagues- I just can’t seem to get them in the right place. Believe me- I’m working on it.

I’m argumentative. I love a good debate and will always challenge people who’s opinions I don’t agree with.

I get weirdly jealous of women who have red hair. Honestly, I think dark ginger hair is SO beautiful. I hate having brown hair, borrrringggg.

I’m painfully sarcastic. I don’t bother a huge amount on my blog because it doesn’t translate well by text- but in real life? I’m a sarky bitch hah!

I got a D in my Biology A-level. After being a straight A and B’s student- this one was a shocker. I basically hated the teacher, hated the A-level and didn’t even bother to revise. I’m surprised I even got a D tbh. It is to this day, my worst grade and i’m mad at my past self for that one.

I already have baby names picked out. If I become a mumma then I want to call my daughter ‘Sophia’, ‘Poppy’ or ‘Gracie’- if it’s a boy- then I like ‘Marty’ or ‘Harry’. Idk if Luke will get on board with those ones though!

I passed my driving test first time… but failed my theory three times. I know. People still mock me for this one!

San Fran is my favourite place abroad. I absolutely fell in love when I visited and would love to go back.

I have the dumbest sense of humour. Honestly, I will laugh at anything.

I have known my two-best friends for over a decade. They’re going to be my bridesmaids as well!

Lots of love,





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