New Year, Same Me?

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I am by no means at all perfect. In fact, I’m far from it.

I’m clumsy, sometimes I fumble my words, sometimes I don’t think before I speak… I’ve hurt people’s feelings, I’ve bitched about people behind their backs- and I’ve actively done things in my life, that I know I probably shouldn’t.

But- that’s part of the person I am. It’s stuff that’s evolved with my personality over 23 years- and it’s unlikely that I’d be able to just snap out of that in a matter of hours.

But- this is why it bothers me so much when people spout phrases like ‘New Year, New Me!’ and make wild dramatic resolutions, like the passing of one day is going to change them fundamentally as a person.

Because, the thing is- you can write a list as long as my arm of the things that will make you an all-around better human being, but really- how many of those are you going to achieve?

Yes, I’m always fundamentally trying to be nicer, more-thoughtful and kinder- but I’m afraid that the thing with life, it won’t happen overnight.

Just because I make the bold statement, it doesn’t mean I’m going to do it.

Instead- why don’t we all just focus on one or two things that we’d like to improve about ourselves, that isn’t an overnight transformation- but instead- a life transformation.

Want to be kinder? Donate to a charity by direct debit so it doesn’t phase out.

Want to argue on social media less? Remove yourself and perhaps don’t reply to the next troll that comes into your path.

Want to stop gossiping? Try and call yourself out on it. Maybe a pound in a jar every time you do it?

I think it’s unrealistic to expect that anyone can make a change overnight. Yes- it’s great to have the clean slate of a new year, but it’s the little life changes you make that will improve you as a human being. Not the passing of one day.

What about you? Are you buying into the ‘new me’ idea?



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