I’m getting bored of lazy blogging

Do you know what’s disappointing? When I go to my nice little bookmarks bar of bloggers I love to read, open up their brand new post- only to find it’s around 1 paragraph long, with bland photos of them and literally nothing of note or substance in it.

Maybe you know the type? Half-hearted posts. Posts that feel like they’ve been flung together in minutes, posted out and not even read back. Hauls with two things in, lookbooks where half the items aren’t listed… I could go on.

I’m not naming and shaming anyone in particular because it’s so commonplace now that I feel like we’ve all been guilty of it. Hell- I’ve thrown blog posts together quickly- but it’s when one time slips into another- and before you know it, you’re no longer interested in their writing and never return.


Now I know that people blog for different reasons. Some people don’t blog for other people to read it. They do it for their own enjoyment, and that’s fine! That’s why I do it! But on some level, I only bother to write and post what I care about. Lazy blogging isn’t so much the post content, as the reason that someone posts it.

Lazy blogging is the guilt to get something out there. Lazy blogging is when people write about things that they blatantly don’t care about, just to have fresh things.

This is one of the reasons that I didn’t decide to take part in ‘Blogmas’ this year- even though I had prepared a couple of posts for it.

I knew that I had some enthusiasm for writing Christmas related content, but 25 days of it? Christ.

I didn’t want to force myself to write about something that I didn’t care about for that long.

I didn’t want to force posts.

I’ve loved reading other people’s Blogmas because there’s clearly a lot of time and effort gone into it- but I didn’t want to fall into the ‘lazy blogger’ category- by doing it myself.

I know I’d have got bored. I know I wouldn’t have enjoyed it- and then I’d have got lazy and started posting crap on my site, that honestly? Nobody cares about.. myself included.

I want blogging to move away from the need to create and produce new stuff all the time and embrace the quality aspect of writing.

I would much rather read one post a week, than 7 lazy ones!



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