Too little or too long?

I read this absolutely fantastic post from Vix earlier:

Within it, she details the fact that she has now moved in, after 6 months, with her boyfriend Ben. She shares the concerns that people have given her about ‘moving too fast’ and she shares the feeling that you can wait all you like, try to be sure of something- but sometimes, it is just never going to be right. Sometimes- you need to take a little risk and go with the gut feeling you’re having that something is so right.

And I’ve never related to something more.


I met a guy and we were officially together within 7 weeks.

I met a guy and we decided to live together within 5 months. 

I met a guy who decided he wanted to propose after 7 months.

I met a guy and we picked out our kittens together after 11 months.

I met a guy and a year later we got engaged.

Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 15.39.49.png

And believe me- I’ve had a lot of well-meaning concern about this.

Although it’s nobody’s business how I choose to make decisions and live my life, I’ve still faced people telling me that I’m only 23 and quite young. A few people dropping the odd comments here and there that we’ve moved fast. A couple of people who on the surface have been nothing but smiles, but deep-down I can tell they’re a tad unsure that they would make this step.

But the thing is- I’ve been in two long-term relationships before and I would never in a million years have made this step with them. I’ve been in love with two other people and yet, I wouldn’t have said yes to sharing a home and a life for the rest of my life with them. There would always be that little niggle that it wasn’t the smart move- and now?

There’s something in my gut and my core that tells me this is the right thing to do. 

And ya know what?  What’s the point of not taking opportunities, not saying yes to the one person who makes you feel all the things and all the yes?

But it’s like Vix says so brilliantly:

“So isn’t it worth the risk, this time?”


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