The Disaster Artist: Review

Starring James Franco, Dave Franco, Seth Rogen, Alison Brie, Are Graynor, Josh Hutcherson and Jacki Weaver.

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Oh god, the film to beat all films- tonight, I went to see ‘The Disaster Artist’.

I’m absolutely obsessed with the film ‘The Room’ and genuinely believe it is one of the funniest films ever in existence. I constantly quote it and hell was I excited to see the story behind the story.

This is James Franco’s adaptation of the making of the cult classic and follows Greg (Dave Franco) – a struggling young actor in San Francisco- who meets Tommy (James Franco) his bizarre acting classmate- of indeterminate age, ethnicity and full of eccentricity. Together, they move to LA and create the best, worst film ever made- ‘The Room”.

This film mainly follows the making of the notoriously bad $6 million film, financed exclusively by Wiseau himself- and the ups and downs that occurred during its creation.

So- was it any good?

I’ve actually met Tommy in real life- and my god this film is no dramatization or the type of man he is! I was blown away by how hilarious and on-point James Franco’s impersonation of him was. I’ve never particularly thought of him as a good actor (sorry, but he puts himself down with crappy comedy films) – but he really excelled in this part.

Franco has nailed the mannerisms, idiosyncrasies and sheer bizarre nature of Wiseau. I genuinely think that he’s set himself apart with this film as a solid actor and I certainly feel like I misjudged him!

The other parts and celebrity cameos are entertaining at best- with Dave Franco playing a rather sweet but dull Greg. Although since the parts are based on real people, he perhaps didn’t have a huge amount to work with there!

It was nice to see the interaction between the two brothers in a film, however- and it’s undeniable that they work well together and have great chemistry.

As for the story itself- this film is laugh out loud entertainment. It doesn’t take itself too seriously- and at the heart of it, it actually holds a very powerful message about the belief in yourself and your own ideas as an artist.

Although Wiseau’s methods might be unusual at best- he was a man with a vision and there’s really something to be admired in that.

If you’ve never seen ‘The Room’ then I’d recommend you watch it before going to see this. You’ll have such an appreciation of the jokes and the terrible masterpiece that it is- plus the acting is painfully perfect.

Very funny, true to life and entertaining. Only downside? I now have to watch ‘The Room’ again.


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