Cruelty Free-Makeup

I’m not massively into make-up. I enjoy make-up free days, keeping it fresh and natural and to be honest, it’s never really been something I’ve spent a lot of money on.

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However, I would be lying if I said that I didn’t wear it a fair amount on night’s out or if I’m going to a nice event. I also really, REALLY love a thick eyeliner wing. However, I don’t want innocent animals to suffer, in order to get my face looking slightly better.

So inspired by this video from Carrie, I’m going to be sharing the make-up that I’m using or replacing, to get a cruelty-free makeup bag:

As Carrie has done, I won’t be throwing out my makeup that I currently own (as that is quite frankly a waste,)- but I will be endeavoring to make the change throughout next year.

Here are the products I’m going to be trialling:


I currently wear Rimmel’s Lasting Finish in ‘Ivory’- cos mate, I’m pale af. However, Rimmel as a company still continues to test in areas where it is legal. UGH no, ta.

I’m investing in the Fenty Beauty foundation over Christmas, which is PETA approved and cruelty-free. It’s also supposed to work magic on your skin, so I’m hella excited for that!


I don’t wear concealer (idk why I just don’t see the purpose) but here are some great options;

Colourpop No Filter Concealer or Tarte Shape Tape.


I love thick, dark brows- and I was using L’Oreal before. However, once that product has completely run out, I’ll be trialing Soap and Glory’s Brow Archery.


Kat Von Dee’s products are all vegan and cruelty-free, which means that I can wing and tattoo away to my heart’s content. YAY.


Again I’ve been using Rimmel for mascara and have been for years! However, I’ve wanted to try the Too Faced “better than sex” for a while- so it seems like a perfect opportunity!


If you’re a fan of MAC then I’m sorry but you’re advocating one of the worst brands! I used to adore Velvet Teddy before I was educated on it, but now I’m sporting any of the Bare Minerals options. They’re all gorgeous, and the Gen Nude collection will replace any Velvet Teddy cravings I had before.

Contour/ Bronzers:

I love a good contour kit considering no matter how slim I get, I’m always going to have chubby cheeks! I’m already obsessed with the Too Faced “Chisled to perfection” kit.


I love the urban decay palettes but their parent company is L’Oreal sadly, which renders them cruel as well. Although the palettes I have will probably last for ages- if I do invest in anything new then it’ll be from Too Faced’s chocolate collection.


EcoTools and Real Techniques are both cruelty-free! YAY!

Are you trying to make your make-up less cruel?




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